Crystal Sushi is an original dish developed in 2015 at our Shiro restaurants in Hong Kong that involves draping sushi rolls in coloured jelly slices with kimchi, ponzu or mint and sake favouring. The chefs at Hong Kong’s Shiro restaurant have developed unique, innovative ways to create different textures, tastes and styles of traditional Japanese cuisine. 

By infusing unique flavours into crystal jelly slices and placing them over sushi rolls, Shiro has been able to introduce flavours such as sake, aji sauce and rose petals into the crystal portions of the sushi, which are so brilliantly intense that customers are encouraged to eat the sushi without using typical sauces such as soy sauce. 

Crystal Sushi offers a memorable sushi experience in London as well as being available on the a la carte menu at Shiro Hong Kong, Pacific Place and Taikoo for Lunch and Dinner.

You can choose from various options such as Salmon roe with minced Scallops, Beetroot crystal skin Taraba, Japanese aji cod fish roe, Bluefin tuna with Japanese dashi jelly sushi and much more!

Crystal Sushi is now available at our London sushi restaurant; prepare yourself for a dining experience like no other at our and book a table today. Head over to our menus to discover more of our unique and invigorating dishes.

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